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The World Has Changed, Shouldn’t Your Car Insurance Change too?

Are you still paying for car insurance in Ontario based on your past driving habits? If you’ve been working from home since the pandemic, you are spending less time in your car. But are you required to pay the same car insurance premiums that you used to pay? Not anymore.

The Pay As You Go app and online portal takes care of your usage-based auto insurance needs by tracking your daily driving habits.


Pay for the Mileage You Drive Today, Not What You Used to Drive.

Our Pay As You Go system is a usage-based insurance product that tracks your mileage wherever you drive in Ontario. We help you save on your auto insurance rates by following how far you have driven with a device installed in your car.

This is the benchmark: if you drive less than 9,000 kilometres a year, you could save on your annual car insurance rate.

How Much do I Save With the Pay As You Go plan?

Like your cellphone data usage, your insurance rate will depend on how much you use your drive. Instead of calculating an estimated yearly mileage, MyPace efficiently tracks your actual driving usage.

Savings Using Pay As You Go

Call one of our McCam insurance brokers today to benefit from amazing savings using our app and online portal to track your mileage.

How does Pay As You Go Work?

Pay As You Go is a pay-as-you-drive plan that helps you control and manage your auto insurance rate from the comfort of your home, or on the go.

3 Easy Steps to Start Saving:

  1. Sign up online for Pay As You Go. You will pay a base rate for your first 1,000 kilometres.
  2. Set up your MyPace device in your car.
  3. Download the MyPace app on your phone. It’s easy to view your car usage by going to your CAA account {insert link} or go straight to your Pay As You Go app.

You are now set to track your mileage in Ontario and save on your premium. After you start using the tracking device, we will automatically reload your next 1,000 kilometres for you. No extra effort on your part.

Why Choose McCam?

McCam Insurance Brokers want to help you have the best insurance rates in Ontario.

We offer several benefits that keep our customers coming back for more:

  • Great reputation for sales and customer service.
  • We care about long-lasting relationships with customers.
  • Broker experts since 1971.
  • We value professionalism and education when assisting clients with their insurance needs.

Reach out to one of our savvy insurance experts at McCam Insurance Brokers to find out more information about our Pay As You Go app and online portal.

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Pay As You Go FAQs

To enroll for Pay As you Go, you can:
Submit information for an online quote. You can also call or email us at your convenience.

(Phone number)
(Email address)
(Online quote button)

After you sign-up for Pay As You Go, you will receive:

  1. A welcome package with a copy of your auto insurance policy and the terms and conditions.
  2. A second package with your device and instructions for installation in your vehicle.

Quick Tips for Installation:

  • Plug the device into your vehicle’s OBDII-Port.
  • Install the device within 48 hours of your insurance policy’s effective date or date of arrival. Failing to do install your device within this period will lead to removal from the MyPace program.<
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    If you have any questions about your device or need installation help, please contact us at: 905-579-0111, or by email: [email protected]

    Next steps after you’ve installed your device:

    1. Complete your first trip with the device in your car or truck.
    2. Log into your Pay As You Go app or the online portal to view your kilometre usage.

    Remember you can also track your mileage by using the app for iPhone (App Store) or Android (Google Play).

If you drive your car over 9,000 kilometres in total for the year, you’re better off with a standard car insurance policy in Ontario. Contact one of our McCam brokers for assistance. We will help you find an insurance policy that suits your needs.

Pay As You Go usage based insurance is free for any person that has a current auto insurance policy.

There are several things to consider when your insurance company calculates your insurance rate, including:

  • Your driving record.
  • The number of years licensed/driving.
  • Driving distance

The MyPace usage-based driving tool lets you pay only for the distance you drive. You Pay As You Go but your base rate is 1,000 kilometres. You could enjoy savings of 30% to 70%, depending on how much you drive during the year.

To access your mileage tracking and other insurance information, you can login to the CAA MyPace online portal. You can also access your kilometres driven by signing into the Pay As You Go app on your smartphone.

If you buy a new car and change your insurance policy, you must call or email us right away to notify us of the revisions. Next, move the MyPace device to your new vehicle so it can start tracking your current mileage. Read installation steps.

If your insurance rate changes, we will notify you of the new premium immediately and send you the corresponding policy documents.

Please note that not all cars are considered for the Pay As You Go program in Ontario. Ask one of our McCam brokers if your car works with the Pay As You Go insurance plan.

The MyPace device installed in your car will indicate when you’re getting close to the 1,000-kilometre mark. When you have reached 950 kilometres, we will let you know. At this point, we will reload an additional 1,000 kilometres to the payment plan, or you can stop the reload until you’re ready to use it again.

Note: You will be charged for the 1,000 kilometres increment reload unless you have taken action to stop or pause the device installed in your car. You will receive an email or text notification when you’ve reached the 750km, 900km, and 950km markers.

Our convenient online portal and app lets you view how many kilometres you’ve traveled.

No. We currently only offer blocks of 1,000 kilometres.

If you have an iPhone, go to your App Store and search for ‘CAA MyPace.’ Next, download the app to your phone. If you have an Android phone, head to Google Play to find the app.
After the download is completed, select “Learn more” or “Get Started.” If you choose “Get Started,” you are required to login or create a new account. Next, you will be required to link your insurance policy account with your MyPace account.
If you have any questions. Please contact one of our brokers and we will walk you through the process.
Make sure you have your auto insurance policy with you to open a new account.

The dashboard of the app will show you several features, including:

  • Number of kilometres driven.
  • Description of your vehicle
  • Recent trips and full trip history
  • Links to notifications
  • Payment history
  • Device alerts
  • App settings
  • More info about Pay As You Go

No. When you sign-up for our Pay As You Go plan, your vehicle will be checked for compatibility with the device. While MyPace uses some of your car’s battery, it will not negatively impact your vehicle’s performance. The device will immediately enter sleep mode after you turn off your car. Please contact our support team directly if you have any issues with your device.

If you want to discontinue using the Pay As You Go plan, contact your McCam broker to change over to a regular auto insurance policy. Our brokers will provide you with various choices for your auto insurance policy based on your life and budget.

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