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Home Insurance in Ontario: Why Choose McCAM?

Home insurance in Ontario is essential, whether the place you live is a luxury home or an apartment unit in a complex. Your lifestyle and natural occurrences exposes you to a number of risks you may not even be aware of. So what’s there to do when something happens that causes damages to your home, liability expenses, or your possessions are vandalized or stolen? Enter McCAM. We find programs for home insurance in Ontario that can be tailored to the individual needs of you and your family. With so many home insurance companies in Ontario, we understand it can be hard to choose from one but there’s a good reason why Ontarians trust McCAM. We work hard to oversee your insurance and help you search through all your available options.

We provide our highest quality insurance services and expertise to all different areas in Ontario and the Durham Region, including: Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Hamilton, Markham, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Scugog, Stouffville, Oshawa, GTA Toronto, Unionville, Uxbridge, and Whitby. For more reasons why you should depend on us for your home insurance, give us a call. Our clients’ needs are always changing and McCAM is confident it can continue to operate as your advisor of choice and help pair you with the best insurance program possible. Home insurance in Ontario is a snap with McCAM.

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Ontario Home Insurance 101

As it stands, home insurance is not a luxury – its essential. Having home insurance in Ontario is not required by law but highly recommended in order to help protect your lifestyle, your home’s structure, and all of your belongings from various unforeseen risks, such as vandalism or natural disasters. In addition, Ontario home insurance might be able to provide you some liability coverage should something happen to a visitor or a guest on your property, or even if you cause damage to their property or possessions. As well, if you are currently renting or mortgaging your home, your mortgager might require you to provide some proof of insurance before making a transaction.

If the place that you live is not a full-sized home but a condo or an apartment, you might still need to acquire renter’s insurance. Your landlord or the condo company you have your unit through might require you to have some base amount of insurance.

What does your Ontario home insurance entail? Below we have compiled a list of what your typical policy may include coverage for:

  • Your liability – which may include any situations that result from injury to a third-party or damages to their property.
  • Your personal property and its contents. Keep in mind that certain luxury items, such as high-value jewellery or collections, may need additional coverage in order to be protected.
  • Your home’s physical structure – i.e, your dwelling. Modifications or any additions (such as sheds, pools and hot tubs) you may have made to your home may require a separate endorsement.

Chat today with your broker about the details of your insurance. We have plenty of home insurance brokers in Ontario here at McCAM who are willing to sit down with you to navigate your lifestyle requirements and help fit you with a plan that checks every box. Your family’s best interests are always at the forefront of our minds when we work with you.

Most Common Ontario Home Insurance Endorsements

There are so many different homes in Ontario and your lifestyle will differ greatly from that of your neighbour’s. As such, your home insurance in Ontario should be tailored to your lifestyle and not some “cookie cutter” program. If your situation exposes you to any particular risks not outlined in your policy, discuss with our home insurance brokers in Ontario about all the home insurance endorsements that may be of benefit to you. Here are some of the most common endorsements:

Earthquake Coverage:

Chances are that your average home insurance in Ontario will not list earthquakes as a covered peril. As such, damages resulting from earthquakes generally will not be covered. If you feel as though this is an option worth considering, discuss with one of McCAM’s home insurance brokers in Ontario about the details of this endorsement.

Sewer-backup Coverage:

While this coverage is necessary to protecting your home from damages as a result of water overflow from clogged sewer lines or drain, sewer, or sump pump rupture, it may not be included in your policy. Discuss with a broker about the details of sewer-backup coverage and whether or not it may benefit you.

Home-based Business Coverage:

Do you work from home? Do clients come visit your home? If so, you may need to inquire about a home-based business insurance endorsement as your Ontario home insurance policy will not include coverage for company property or if something happens to a client while visiting your home.

Watercraft Coverage:

Your recreational water vehicles, such as your boats or other watercrafts, will not be covered under your average Ontario home insurance policy. If you own any of these items, discuss with a broker about acquiring watercraft coverage in order to ensure they have adequate protection should something happen to them.

Free Home Insurance Quotes in Ontario

McCAM is one of the largest and most trusted home insurance companies in Ontario, providing its quality services to all members of the communities and expert advise. We are confident that homeowners in Ontario can always rely upon us and our team to set them up with an insurance program that suits every one of their needs as well as supply them with the best possible advice for their situation. Our service isn’t limited to simply finding you a policy – we go above and beyond. McCAM will help find you competitive home insurance quotes in Ontario, tailor a program to your needs, provide you with advice, and negotiate on your behalf if you need to make a claim. We are confident that we can do everything necessary to ensure you are satisfied with your insurance.

McCAM is comprised of some of the friendliest, most experienced and most knowledgeable experts in the realm of insurance, so your insurance is always in good hands with us. Don’t hesitate – contact us today as soon as you can and see for yourself how easy insurance can be with us.

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