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The Best Business Insurance Brokers in Ontario

Running a business is hard work. There’s so much to be considered, whether you’re starting off with a small, home-based business or you are the owner of a multimillion-dollar company, every business faces its own amount of risks. Consider what would happen if your business’ product were to be recalled due to a malfunction, or if something happened to your company property as a result of vandalism or natural disaster. What if your clients sue you for malpractice or misinformation? Without having Ontario business insurance you might be left on the hook for the resulting expenses. For many businesses, having the right insurance might mean the difference between being able to spring back from unexpected losses and having to permanently close their doors.

McCAM offers business insurance in Ontario for business owners who require a personal touch. We understand that every industry, every size of business and every style of operations has different needs when it comes to insurance and we’re ready to deliver to you exactly what you need in order to have sufficient protection. McCAM’s business insurance brokers in Ontario will work one-on-one with you to suit you with a coverage plan and provide you with risk management solutions that work.

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Ontario Business Insurance: Who Needs It?

Whether your business is small and just starting out or has been around for years, it still needs business insurance in order to have sufficient protection against any possible exposures. All industries face different risks and there’s no expert like McCAM that knows how different all the businesses in Ontario can be. We take into consideration a variety of factors that are important to note when determining how much coverage you need and what kind of coverage you need:

  • The size of your company and how many staff you have
  • Your current maintenance and risk management efforts
  • Your typical revenue
  • Your existing insurance and claims history
  • Where your building property is situated and its value
  • The industry you operate in
  • …and more

Your average policy may include a number of items that are protected. Below are a list of some of the kinds of Ontario business insurance that companies may need to carry:

  • General liability
  • Property insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Business interruption

Consider additional items, such as your company’s property, its technology, the product or service it sells, its location, and more. Each industry faces a set of specific risks, and within those industries each business goes about operations differently. It is important that you discuss with an expert – such as McCAM’s business insurance brokers in Ontario – about your business specifically and what its needs are so that you can find a program and risk management solutions that work for you.

Business Insurance in Ontario: Most Common Commercial Endorsements

There are many types of businesses in Ontario and as such each business needs insurance tailored to its specific needs. General liability may not be enough to cover your business if you offer a professional service or advice and if your business uses a commercial fleet to do operations then it needs those essential vehicles adequately protected. Here are a few types of small business insurance that may be of benefit to your business:

Commercial auto insurance:

This type of coverage may offer protection for your commercial fleets and transportation vehicles.

Professional liability:

If your business offers a professional service or advice, this coverage may offer compensation for liability expenses due to claims of misinformation, malpractice, and more – whether or not any claims are true.

Cyber risk insurance:

This coverage may protect your business from costs of ransomware or other cyber threats.

Business interruption:

In the event that your business should need to temporarily close its doors, this coverage may offer compensation for lost wages, revenue, and more.

Product liability:

If your company should manufacture a product, this coverage may offer reimbursement in the event that the malfunction of your product brings about a liability case.

As mentioned previously, business insurance in Ontario is very different depending on the kind of business that you run, its size, what it offers, and more. Discuss with our business insurance brokers in Ontario here at McCAM in order to find a program that suits your company’s specific needs. We are always willing to help you tailor a program that ensures you aren’t left with any holes in your coverage and can offer you advice on how to keep your costs more manageable.

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McCAM has insurance solutions that are designed for every type of business. Whether the business you run is a small, recently opened home-based business or a large multimillion-dollar corporation, you can trust in us to find you a program that works to protect your property, liability, vehicles, and more. With us, business insurance in Ontario doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. Let us look after your insurance so that you can get back to running your business.

As a business owner, you want the best for your company. Protect yourself from potentially major losses with the help of McCAM Insurance Services. We get you insurance solutions that suit your business needs at the best possible cost. For whenever you need our assistance, we’re here to answer all your Ontario business insurance-related inquiries. Give us a call or apply for our free business insurance quotes in Ontario today.

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