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Looking for Auto Insurance in Oshawa?

Prior to getting behind the wheel on public roads you should know that it is required by law to have auto insurance in Oshawa. Having protection for your car or vehicle is necessary to covering both you and your investments whilst you are driving or while your automobile is stationed somewhere secure. Ontario has the most drivers than any other province within Canada and as a result tends to see higher premium costs on average. Oshawa drivers need not fret; there are plenty of ways you can manage your Oshawa auto insurance costs more effectively without having to sacrifice any essential components. Enter McCAM: our team of car insurance brokers in Oshawa are ready and willing to help you find the protection plan that you need. Obviously, not everyone can be an expert in insurance, and with McCAM you don’t have to be! We look after the insurance so you can get back to driving.

McCAM’s experts help you find a range of competitive auto insurance quotes in Oshawa so that you don’t need to go through the process yourself. With our connections in the industry we can find you quotes that are not available on the general market. You may be surprised at how different some plans, costs and coverage can be! McCAM is confident that it has what you need in order to get the best insurance plan for you and your vehicle.

Oshawa Auto Insurance 101: A Guide

So what exactly is auto insurance? Oshawa drivers do not need to have a flawless understanding of their insurance program when McCAM’s experts are there to help them out but it helps to know the basics. Like with any personal insurance, auto insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance provider that safeguards you from potential financial loss due to a range of risks outlined in your policy. With Oshawa auto insurance you may have protection for the following:


This may protect you from a range of liability expenses due to damages or injuries you incurred while operating your vehicle.


This may offer coverage for some or all of the total cost of rehabilitation, injuries, lost wages, or even funeral expenses due to an incident while you were operating your car. This protection may also be known as accident benefits insurance.


This protection may cover your vehicle’s physical structure from damage expenses due to a collision, accident, or vandalism.

Generally, your car insurance in Oshawa may protect both you, your family members, or anyone listed on your policy as a driver. Note that your Oshawa auto insurance may only provide coverage so long as your commuting purposes are personal and not for business. If you need to use your vehicle to make deliveries, visit clients, transport clients, or visit company sites, you may need to discuss with your broker about commercial vehicle insurance. Our car insurance brokers in Oshawa are always willing to discuss your needs with you! We know that every person and every car is different so no one insurance policy should be exactly like another.

How to Manage Your Oshawa Auto Insurance Costs

As some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, McCAM’s auto insurance brokers in Oshawa are well-versed in all things personal insurance. Looking for more ways to manage your costs? Auto insurance in Whitby doesn’t have to break the bank and you certainly don’t need to sacrifice necessary coverage just to make it more affordable. Trust in us here at McCAM. Below is a list of a few ways you can make your Oshawa car insurance costs more manageable:

  • Opt to purchase both your home and car insurance in Oshawa through the same provider. Odds are that your provider will offer you a price reduction if you are a returning customer and you may be eligible for a discount if you have multiple vehicles insured through them.
  • Trust in an insurance brokerage (such as McCAM) for when you need assistance shopping around for auto insurance quotes in Oshawa. Your protection will vary based on the policy you select and not every insurance plan will have the same price tag. When you work with McCAM’s auto insurance brokers in Oshawa you might be able to choose from quotes that are not available on the general market. This is thanks to McCAM’s reach and connections in the insurance industry.
  • Select a higher deductible amount. The higher you set your deductible the more you will have to pay out in the event of an accident but the less your Oshawa car insurance costs will become renewal time. Ensure that the amount you choose is reasonable.
  • Ensure a good driving record. This may entail using your vehicle less, taking transit wherever possible, not including high-risk or newer drivers from your policy, etc. You may even opt to take a driving course if available, as this may present new discount opportunities.
  • Ask your broker if there are any discounts you may be eligible for. These can include group plans, driver’s ed, no or few claims, low mileage, and more.
  • Ask your broker if there are any discounts you may be eligible for. These can include group plans, driver’s ed, no or few claims, low mileage, and more.

The auto insurance brokers in Oshawa that we have here at McCAM are always willing to sit down and chat with you about all the ways you can look after your costs when it comes to your coverage. Get in touch us today to learn about all the tips and tricks for saving money on insurance.

How Much Does Oshawa Auto Insurance Cost?

How much does it cost to purchase auto insurance in Oshawa? The answer is that it depends. Everyone has a different kind of vehicle that they drive that they use for different purposes or different commutes. McCAM is different than most mainstream car insurance brokers in Oshawa because it gets to know you personally, how you use your vehicle, what exposures you face, and offers insurance solutions personal to your individual circumstances.

Different auto insurance companies in Oshawa will also offer different rates. However, if you’re looking for median costs, we’ve got the following figures to help you out:

  • The average driver will pay $123 a month for auto insurance in Oshawa.
  • For a standard automobile owner, car insurance in Oshawa ranges between $1188 and $1885 a year.
  • The yearly average cost of car insurance in Oshawa is $1476

Your own personal situation and commute may mean you could be paying more or less than the average. But if price is something you are worried about, relax! McCAM has got your back. Chat with our auto insurance brokers in Oshawa about what it is that you require so we can find you a plan that suits your personal budget.

Free Car Insurance Quotes for Oshawa Drivers

McCAM is fortunate to have some of the best auto insurance brokers in Oshawa and the surrounding area and knows that you can trust in us for when you need competitive quotes that offer coverage suited to the requirements of both you and the vehicle you drive.

When you feel like you’re in a rut discuss with the car insurance brokers in Oshawa at McCAM to help you better comprehend the ins and outs of your coverage. With us, you’ll never be left wondering if your coverage is enough. Apply online for free competitive auto insurance quotes in Oshawa via the ‘request a quote’ button at the top of this page. Coverage you can rely on is only a few minutes away!

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